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A Child Who Reads Will be an Adult Who Thinks

By Thania Requeno

Fox Chapel Elementary School is privileged to have staff and volunteers from Montgomery College to organize Reading Corners. These corners exercise student minds and our future leaders in the community.

Reading Corners invite students to come with their family in the evening to read with their classmates and volunteers. Reading Corners are held twice in the Spring semester and twice in the fall. The special events were developed to promote reading literacy for children who come from homes that are not in the best financial situation. At the end of the event, students are given free books to expand their library at home.

The children are split into different groups based on their grade level. The volunteers have a chosen book to read to their assigned group. In the 1st grade group, the volunteer from MC used his guitar to follow along with the plot of the story musically. Volunteers have a planned follow up activity for students to discuss what they’ve read and learned about.

Reading is beneficial to anyone who can pick up any literary work. The Reading Corner at Fox Chapel was a success for Montgomery College volunteers. Students left with a renewed notion that reading can be fun. If you want to empower your community, promote knowledge into the lives of children and have fun while reading, Reading Corners are a wonderful experience. Contact the Early Childhood Education Department at MC Germantown if interested or have any questions.


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