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John Delaney Visits MC

Congressman J. Delaney (5th from right) in conversation with the students.

By Darpan Shah

On Friday April 11, Congressman John Delaney was on a tour of Montgomery College’s Germantown campus. The main purpose of Delaney’s visit was to tour the Bioscience Education Building on campus currently under construction. Before heading out on a tour of the center, Delaney talked with students, faculty and staff members.

He also heard student concerns on cost of education and how Montgomery College is an affordable means of education. Students expressed the need of keeping tuition of community colleges low in upcoming years.

Delaney presented a talk indicating the need for higher education and the importance of surviving in the booming economy. He emphasized the need for funding of the cybersecurity program. Delaney was impressed by the tour of our Bioscience center, he said. The tour of the center was led by Kathy Michaelian, instructional dean of the business, science, math and technology division at MC.

Congressman Delaney


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