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Don’t Get Zapped

Knowing the new Satisfactory Academic Process

By Bora Ersoy

When taking care of business on MyMC I noticed a new ad on the login screen that caught my attention. Don’t Get Zapped. the ad said. Curious, I clicked the link and I was immediately taken to a new page detailing the warning.

Did you know your financial aid can be terminated?

A new nationwide policy will soon be enacted starting in about five weeks. The policy states that if you are attending ANY community college or university with the support of financial aid students must maintain a specific GPA (above 2.0) throughout all of classes. If students fail to maintain the required Satisfactory Academic GPA financial aid will be terminated without warning.

Montgomery College is offering aided students workshops offering more detailed information regarding the new policies. Takoma Park and Germantown campuses have already held their workshops, however, the Rockville campus will having its event March 31, 2016 from 2-3 PM at SC462. In the workshop you will learn more information of maintaining your GPA, pace of completion, how to appeal if your financial aid is terminated, and how to reinstate your financial aid.

Because so little students showed upped to the Germantown workshop, I feel it is important to spread the word and inform many students as possible.  Please attend the Rockville workshop and let people know ahead of time so they can prepare.

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