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MC Germantown International Share Their Perspective on Trump’s Travel Ban

BY Katherine C.

Living with the Ban

    Living with the ban as an immigrant is difficult. In fact, the executive order signed by President Trump has aroused in international students negative feelings. They feel helpless because as immigrants they know how discrimination feels. For instance, many years ago Tanya, my Ecuadorian friend, went to American Consulate in Ecuador to ask for a visa to travel to the United States, but they denied the visa three times, for no apparent reason. They just said that she did not qualify. But her cousin Andrea, who lived in Spain and had obtained Spanish permanent residency card, asked for a visa and she received the approval immediately. Then Tanya realized that she had been discriminated against. In the same manner, forbidding entry to persons who come from Muslim countries, for any legal reason, is discriminatory. Also, it is sad to see how refugees are suffering because for them, the ban means the difference between life and death. They do not look just for opportunities to work. They come here to escape from war, violence and death. For example, Rojin my Iranian friend who came here as a refugee because her husband’s religion which is Bahai, Bahais are in prison in Iran. Furthermore, the ban gives the idea that Muslims are bad, which is wrong. No one deserves to be judged by their religion. I know Muslims who work as volunteers at hospitals and schools in this country. Finally, all these emotions have made me reflect on what future Immigrants will face with this new government.

The influences of the ban of immigrants

By Minhua Chen

When I heard about the ban, I felt depressed. In fact, as an immigrant, living with the ban is terrifying. First of all, some of student’s dream were dashed. For example, the students of Montgomery College were prohibited to enter the United State after the ban. They can’t continue their education. Second, many immigrant families were separated by the ban. It was an absolutely heartbreaking. For instance, one of my co-worker visited his native country last month to take care his dying mother. Because of the ban, his wife and kids wanted him back to the United State last week. But when he entered the United States, he has been inquired by the immigration officer for long time. And last night I heard the news of his mother’s death. He felt sad because he can’t go to his mother’s funeral. Furthermore, my family was nervous although the ban was not serious impact on me personally now. But I can’t imagine what would happen if I am going to visit my family in hometown. Such as, if I visit my hometown, I might not able to come back here. Then I would be separated from my husband and kids due to the ban. I cannot take the risk, but I really miss my mom, brother and family in my native country. In conclusion, nobody should have to live with the fear of family separation. I hope the ban can be lifted soon.


When I was reading about the ban I felt heart broken. In fact, living with the ban on immigration issue as an immigrant is terrifying. First, denying citizens of Muslim-majority countries entry to the United States brings about despair to all other immigrants as a whole. For example, visiting my family might not be possible because of the uncertainty of returning and on the other hand, them coming to visit me might not be possible. Second, an immigrant who has lived in the US for several years and was out of the country when the immigration ban was ordered will face difficulties. For instance, a friend of mine who was out of the country when the ban was executed and is not from the listed countries but has gone to visit once or twice to one of the banned countries faced problem at the airport entry because red flags were raised on his passport and he was embarrassed. Lastly, as an immigrant trying to make a living in the US where there are more opportunities, I now live in fear that this life and dream will one day be taken away from me. Hopefully, the immigration ban doesn’t get to the situation of sending immigrants who even have green card as well citizens back to their home countries. On reflection, I solely believe there are other ways and methods to solve the situation at hand.

Why all American should accept the Immigration Ban

The United States is called the land of opportunity. Anyone who wants to be an immigrant considering the U.S.A as their first choice. This country was also built with the help of immigrants in its early days. The U.S.A have a reputation as an immigrant-friendly country in worldwide. However, based on the current world situation, the U.S.A president issued an executive order, which banned 7 countries immigrants entering is the U.S.A. The countries suffering the immigration ban are Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and Somalia for their Muslim majority population. In the first place, as a Muslim personally I am supporting the ban. Though my entire writing class against the ban and they are protesting it. As state in, I am supporting the ban for three main reasons. My first major reason is; I want to spend life my life safely. No matter what is happening, I want to be safe. My classmates thinking about humanity, but for being kind you must be alive. I do not want to gamble my life by accepting anyone, who may be harmful to my safety. I cannot accept anything which will affect my safety. My second reason is, for achieving safety, I must sacrifice something too. The current world situation demands the sacrifice. Obviously, there are innocent people who are suffering for the ban. The main purpose of the ban is the safety of the United States citizens like me. Before the proper security check, nobody should be allowed in the U.S.A. The main reason behind is, anyone can hide their identity and cause damage which can be threatening to me. For this reason, until the proper security and identity check, the ban should allow. The United States only allow those who don’t hate this land. My final reason is; I don’t want to suffer any unwanted situation based on my religion beliefs. Lots of innocent Muslim suffered after the 9/11 attack on behalf of some radical community, who made the worst situation for innocent people. I don’t want to suffer any similar situation. So, I will accept the ban for my own safety. My country can be banned in next time. Although my main priority is I, me and myself. Being kind is good, thus I cannot take risk of my own safety. Therefore, I am supporting the immigration ban.

Trump Executive Order On Immigrations Ban

By Wada Davis

The United States of America was built on immigrations policies. With the help of immigrants The United Stats of America was founded. Therefore President Trump executive order on immigrations banis bad for business, especially at Montgomery College and other companies. First, many Montgomerycollege students who went on vacation to their home countries may risk not returning. For example Ihave friend who is attending Montgomery college and he is a citizen from one of the seven countriesthat was banned by Trump immigration law. He went back home to visit his mom, and he could notreturned back to The United States because of the immigration ban. In this case the college losesmoney. In margin if thousands of students could not returned to the country, it wont be good forcolleges, because the college wont be able to produced students for the work force. Secondlyimmigrants make many of the nation’s greatest discoveries and create some of the country’s mostinnovative and iconic companies. For example, the CEO of PepsiCo name Indra Nooyi is an immigrant. In conclusion I don’t support Trump immigrations ban and I support all those who protest against the ban.

A Controversial Ban

When I was reading about the ban, I felt disappointed since the executive order is harmful. In fact, living with the ban on immigration issue is so difficult. Immigrants basically have no right to stay in this country despite the fact that American was built on diversity. So, after an executive order was signed by the president, I was totally against the ban. First, I am originally from Thailand, I decided to move to this country with my parents. I used to think America was a free country and people were treated equally. This was one of the reasons why I decided to come to this country. Once, I entered the USA, the immigration system was not complicated at all. Immigrants were mostly welcomed and legal. Otherwise, when the immigration ban issue was announced, the ban made me worried if the order was placed before I entered the USA, I might not have a chance to enter the country to meet my parents. Second, the executive order on immigration, unfortunately, has affected most immigrants’ families including mine. For instance, my cousin was planning to go back to Thailand to visit her family but she was worried that she might have trouble getting back to the country. Third, the ban also has affected my friends’ family members who are green card holders but come from different countries. For instance, my friend’s family who are Pakistanis, they were not allowed to enter to the country anymore even though they were welcome before the executive order was place. They have so many problems that they have trouble entering to the USA. On reflection, I realize that this ban makes immigrants have more difficulties when entering the United States.

The Immigration Ban and the Abuse of Power

By Naresh Joshi

The immigration ban is completely disappointing. The implementation does not follow due process. In fact, the way President Trump is showing his executive power is discouraging. Take, for example, my classmate, Mike. He was stuck at the airport when he wants to come back to college. Because of this reason, he returns to his native country as well as he wastes his money and time. However, President-elect Donald Trump wants to show his executive power to block off immigrants from seven Muslim countries like Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Indirectly, this action is affecting to rest of the world. So that, the immediate action on immigration ban is so horrifying to all undocumented immigrants. On this case, one of my friend’s sons who works at store in Texas. He tells me the business is very slow due to afraid of deportation. Nobody likes to come out from house at day time. His business is going downward trend. Actually, President needs to utilize the existing laws to control over undocumented immigrants by applying the checks and balances system based on the constitutional rights. Lastly, the majority of the American people are upset by the exposure of his superior power in the first week of his office hour.

Executive order on Immigration

Trumps executive order on immigration is contentious. Banning immigrants from seven Muslim countries will only create conflict between Christians and Muslims. Discrimination is wrong, and moreover, the stereotype that has been created against the immigrant community is sad. For instance, I was born and raised as a Christian but I do have friends and coworkers that are Muslims. Having a travel ban on immigrants from the seven Muslim countries makes me feel my Muslim friends are dangerous and not welcomed in the United States. Secondly, this is the only country that I have known since childhood, I attended high school worked very hard I also have paid all my taxes since I was at the age of 16. Furthermore, due to economic reasons most immigrants including myself do jobs that Americans don’t want to do, due to low wages. For instance, I work in merchandising lifting heavy boxes. Americans need immigrants. Lastly, even though national security is the driving force behind the executive order, stopping immigration is not the answer. America is a country of immigrants and that’s what makes our democracy great. On reflection, the executive order is harmful.

Living with the Ban

When I heard about the immigration ban, I felt so depressed. In fact, living with the ban is terrifying. First, the ban increases anxiety over leaving the country. I fear going to visit my family and fiancé outside of the country because I don’t have the assurance that if I do, I will be permitted into the country when I return. I miss my family and all I want to do during my spring break is to visit them and spend quality time with them. In addition, the ban of the Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, Libyans, Somalians, Sudanese and Yemenis is an inhumane act. All these immigrants seek refuge, reason why they ran away from hostility hoping to be welcomed in their new home. For instance, I remember when I took my flight from Cameroon to the United States and I remember how exhausting that voyage was and all I wanted was to land, be welcomed and then get some rest knowing I was safe. Finally, immigrants should not be scared to move in the streets or air their opinions in public for fear of being suspected as terrorists. As an immigrant, I am scared to give my opinion of the ban or share my feelings for fear of being disrespected or even brutalized. In conclusion, the ban has caused more harm than good. The ban has instilled in some if not in most of the Americans, especially the immigrants the feeling of insecurity and fear.

How I feel about the Ban

By Frank Mmbando

When I heard about the executive order on immigration ban I felt bad, in fact living with the ban issue is difficult. As an international student, the ban rises negative feelings. International students from the seven majority Muslim countries Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iran, and Iraq, they are negatively affected by the ban. Students from those countries they cannot pursue their dreams for acquiring a modern and sophisticated education from U.S schools and colleges. For the example, two of Montgomery College’s international student was restricted from entering the US, despite they had all the necessary documents (VISA/Passport, Admission letter from college etc.). Furthermore, the ban is controversial, discriminatory and based on religious bias. Citizens from Muslims countries are not welcomed just because of their religion. As an illustration, take for example, my classmate. His-mother-in law was restricted from entry the U.S because she is Iranian. In some cases, immigrants have contributed their loyalty to the US. They are working hard, paying taxes, serving in the military etc. A recently research shows about 30% of immigrant works in restaurants, serving about 389 Americans per day and contribute about 0.3 percent of U.S tax. Yet immigrants are seen worthless. The executive order isn’t providing strategies for making America a great country, but rather it destroys the bridge of love, unity and bringing people together.

The Terrifying Executive order on immigration

When I was reading about the Executive order on immigration, I felt disappointed. In fact, as an immigrant living with the ban is terrifying. First of all, many MC students, who are permanent residents in the U.S.A, are afraid to go to visit their family in their home country. For example, I am in the U.S.A as an immigrant who has a green card, but I am afraid to go to my country or another country as well because my home country is one of the seven countries that is in the ban. In addition, a lot of international MC students who have come in the U.S.A to pursue their goals need their family to take care of their children so that they can study, but due to this ban they cannot get a visa for them to come. For instance, I have a friend who is in the Nursing program and she is pregnant now, so she needs her mother to come to take care of the child so that she can continue her studies. Unfortunately, with this ban her mother couldn’t get a visa to come to visit her. Finally, many academics who are legally living in the U.S.A such as working permit holders are worried about their cases. They don’t know whether they can still live in the U.S.A or not. For example, I know a person who has a Ph.D. from the USA and now he is a professor at a university. He has a visa which expires soon. He does not have any idea about his future. In other words, he does not know whether he will be able to renew his visa or not. In conclusion, although some Americans might agree with this executive order, I believe this ban not only can negatively affect many students and academics life but also can jeopardize their goals.

Travel Ban Affecting International Students

When I heard about travel ban I felt worried. The travel ban is creating anxiety among the international students who are studying at Montgomery college. First, students who are from 160 countries and studying at Montgomery college are feeling insecure because of the travel ban order. This travel ban is making them choose whether to live in this country for a better future or to leave permanently for their family. For instance, one of my friends’ studies at Montgomery college who is an immigrant. However, his family lives in his native country. In this circumstance, he is not sure whether to stay in this country or to go back to his native country for his family. Second, since the travel ban is mostly against Muslim people, Muslim students are feeling unsafe. For instance, I am a Muslim and I have been living here in the US for 1 year. This executive travel ban order makes me feel worried about my future whether I can continue my studies here and reach my goal to get a good job or if the travel ban order affect me, it will limit my dreams of success in life. Third, some countries are also banning American citizens from entering their countries in response to America’s travel ban order. For instance, there are some students who are from those countries but live in America as an American citizen. Those people are worried as they might have trouble entering their own country. For instance, few of my friends are from Iran but are American citizens. As Iran banned American citizens from entering their country, those of my friends are worried if they can enter their own country. On reflection, the travel ban is affecting international students in their studies and personal life and making them concerned about their future.

The impression of the Americans By Suparat Poonsup

When I was reading about the ban, I felt disappointed. However, the way Americans feel about this ban is very impressive. First of all, Americans realize that the executive order on immigration is unequal. For example, one of my American friends at Montgomery college thinks that banning citizens who are from seven countries in the Middle East makes Americans dissatisfied with presidential management. Therefore, the response of most of my American friends make me feel very appreciative to them because I have never expected that Americans would protest this executive order that affected to immigrants. Second, Americans think that the executive order on immigration is unjust. For instance, my American friends in my Chinese class express their feelings about how they care for the international classmates by presenting their sprits in Chinese language in front of the classroom. I am the one who is the international student and was so impressed to hear my American classmates illustrating their perspectives against the ban. Lastly, Americans cannot accept this executive order on immigration because the order is quite divisive. My American co-workers also feel extremely frustrated because banning people divisively by specifying people from Muslim countries should not happen in the United States. One of my co-workers told me that the executive order on immigration makes Americans worried about their friends and families who are from the seven countries in the Middle East including Non-American Citizens because entering to the United States seems to be more difficult in the future. In conclusion, the American reactions to this executive order on immigration make international people impressed about how Americans give priority to equality between religious.

Security with the Ban

In fact, imposing the ban on immigration does not increase security.First of all, thegovernment needs to focus on foreign terrorist groups more than they are doing now. In fact,overseas terrorists can contact the inside terrorists who are already live here and arrange a terroristattack. Take, for example, the September 11th attack, most Saudi attackers were already livinghere.Another way, the government can protect the country is to make the security process strongerthan what it is now. For instance, I came here as a refugee and I had been waiting for more thantwo years to pass the FBI checks and Background check in Turkey. This shows that the homelandcan do more security checks on whoever is coming to the United States. Lastly, if this ban is tostop terrorists from coming inside the country then I am wondering why the government does notlet the green card holders who already have passed all security checks return to the country whichis their second home. For example, I have a friend who has a green card and she has been heremore than three years. She went to Iran to visit her family but with the ban she was detained. Onreflection, I think the ban is not about protecting the United States; it is just a political war betweenthe American government and the government of those seven countries.

My Displeasure with Trump’s Ban by Luz Santana Abreu

It is not necessary to impose the executive order on immigrants, especially students. First, living with the ban on immigration issue is harmful because it is affecting Montgomery College students. International Muslim students at Montgomery College are affected by the immigration ban negatively. The ban is hurting innocent students. For instance, I know a few Montgomery College international students who went to different counties to visit their families for Christmas, and those students cannot come back to the USA because of their beliefs and their nationality. Therefore, the ban is hurting these students chances for success. For instance, some international students cannot come back to take their classes at Montgomery College. Even I could be affected by the immigration ban because even though I’m not a Muslim I’m an international student. Third, the executive order that trump imposed is not rational. As an illustration, take for example, the last time I traveled. I went to the airport security check and I can say for sure that the security in the airport is already safe enough. For instance, I had to take off my shoes, and all my bags were unpacked and inspected. In conclusion, it is sad to have an executive order against immigrants, especially for students.

Make America Great by Keyri Sermeno

Banning seven Muslim countries has caused a lot of stress and depression in international students from Montgomery College. As an international Student, I believe that the executive order from President Trump is irrational and ignorant. The ban has caused different methods that immigration use when citizens, green card holders, and individuals with visa enter to The United States, which in my point of view are not the best methods. One major event that captured my attention was in December, 2016. My step-father who is from Nicaragua, he has been a US Citizen for more than 15 years, he was really surprised when the immigration police at the Baltimore Airport did not let him enter the country without answering some questions. This situation alarmed my mom. My mom is afraid to travel to El Salvador because she believes that a green card won’t guarantee the enter to the USA. I think no one has the right to deprive anyone from success in the USA or feel safe if they are in risk in their countries. The Ban has caused my aunt to panic. My aunt is an immigrant who is supported by the Dream Act. The Dream Act allows Hispanic immigrants to work legally and it protect them from deportation. This executive order not only impacted Muslim but also other immigrants that are dreamers. It is insane seeing the number of immigrants who are afraid to go back to their countries. I have seen in the news a number of people signing a paper that allows a family member with a citizenship to take care of their children in case they are deported. Finally, Business will decrease for foreign owners, For instance, there is a picture circulating the internet where some costumer live a note in a restaurant, the costumer said “the food was great, the service was awesome but we wouldn’t be back because the owner is Mexican”. The United States of America is made of a mix of cultures and beliefs, everyone deserves a change to demonstrate that they can help this country and make it better. Make America great again by stopping racism and start loving and fighting to make this country a better place to live with different cultures and beliefs.

My Feelings about the Ban

When I heard about the ban on immigration signed by the president, I was very disappointed. In fact, as an immigrant, living with the ban is very stressful. To begin, staying in a country where I am seen different limits my freedom. Even if I am not directly touched by the ban, I feel rejected and I am living with the fear that sooner or later, my country will be affected by an order that will put my family and me in an uncomfortable situation. In addition, the religious dimension is frustrating. Because of the ban, being Muslim in America seems to be ambiguous for the non-Muslim Americans. For instance, America citizens originated from these seven countries will start suffering from persecution and discrimination problems. Finally, students who dreamed to come to America to pursue their education or look for a better life will feel sad and disappointed. For example, I especially feel sorry for Ifrah, one of my friends from Yemen who recently starts the procedure of bringing her children and husband to America but they cannot come. Therefore, she has to return back to her country to stay with them. In conclusion, as a foreigner, the ban makes me live with a lot of anguish and worries about my future in the United States of America.

Thoughts on the Immigration Ban

When I read the about the executive ban on immigration, I was surprised. In fact, the executive order is damaging. First, according to the Bill of rights, the first amendment states freedom of speech, religion, and the press. As an American, I feel that the ban reflects badly on us since Donald Trump is stereotyping against Muslims. For instance, I have lots of Muslim classmates and apparently they are not terrorists. Next, banning Muslims will eventually cause many problems. Trying to prevent any terroristic attack from Muslims by banning them will not work since they, Muslims are all over the world. Actual terrorists can cause damage with ease, and authorities won’t be able to tell de difference just by looking their traits. For example, I recently discovered that my friend whom I have known for years is Muslim. I couldn’t tell he was Muslim until somehow we started talking about our religion. Last, Immigrants are afraid to travel. Although this situation doesn’t affect every immigrant student, it does affect those that are related to the 7 banned countries from entering. my classmate from Iraq is worried about this situation due to the fear she has of being banned from going back to her native country. On reflection, there are other ways to prevent attacks from happening such as doing background checks instead of banning. Students at MC, especially international students are upset by the way the government is representing our country, as an unwelcoming country.

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