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Class on the Chesapeake

One biology professor prefers a hand on approach.

By: Bora Ersoy

The Montgomery College students of Biology 111 and Biology 108 are going to have a lab experiment unlike any other in MC. These lucky students are taking a trip to the University of Maryland Chesapeake Bio Labs to take part in a real marine biology survey.

Dr. Esat Atikkan is the marine biology professor at the Rockville campus and the man responsible for this wonderful opportunity. In an interview he has given us the rundown of what his students are to expect in the survey.

The students set sail on the university’s research vessel heading through the Patuxent River and out to the bay. Out in the open waters the students are to perform various experiments to not only know more about the bay, but to get their hands on and work on the professional equipment.

Students will do various surveys including: Water quality and PH testing. Excavating mud and sediment buried deep underwater. Drudge oyster beds for health inspection of bottom feeder life. Sample the water and the creatures living in the lower depths of the bay. Observe and collect sediment found near various above ground locations, and collecting plankton samples for study.

The field trip is to take place the April 15 and 16 on the University’s grounds located on Solomon Island. The trip is for Prof. Atikkan’s students only, however The Globe will be there in an exclusive on the field video report. Please stay tuned for our part two video report coming out next week.

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