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Voting For Germantown Student Senate

By Nicolle Schorchit

Student Senate elections are here! The 12th and 13th of April are the days to vote for the Student Senators at Germantown.

Here are the candidates’ self-written biographies. Some students did not submit a biography, but their names shall be shown anyways. Those students who ran for executive offices but did not win were allowed to run for a senate seat. So because of this, we will see some familiar names on the list. (These biographies have not been edited in any way. These are truly the candidates’ own words.)

Candidates for Student Senate Senators

Towo Edun

My name is Towo Edun. I am a nursing major. I’m running for the position of a senator as one of my involvement in the student life and the school at large. I enjoy working with people and I am also involved with the student life including clubs like the medical careers club and volunteer club. I am very friendly, diligent, trustworthy, and meticulous.

Rhiley Farenthold

This is Rhiley Farenthold’s first semester at MC and he is very excited to be involved with student life and eager to discover what needs to be implemented and improved upon according to the student body’s voices. Rhiley loves hearing about other’s opinions and beliefs; he is confident that with this ever growing awareness he can offer solid insight, promote greater inclusion, and work towards enriching the campus experience to be more accessible and enjoyable for all. Rhiley has had experience with student leadership positions before, where he facilitated diversity education workshops for youth and held an officer position with his high school’s volunteer club. Rhiley enjoys culture, destroying stigmas, health and wellness, thematic maps, and real politics. Let’s get involved and vote, as we know that’s the only chance for change!

Patrick McKelvey

Leonardo Sena

Leonardo Sena, the past vice president of NLCS, is currently pursuing a degree of lnternational Studies. He is originally from Brazil, but he has been in the United States for the last four years. Leo was the president of the Latino Student Union, and was the vice president of the Photography Club at Montgomery College. Sena is very concerned about the student’s voice, and presently he is in the process of becoming a Student Ambassador, in order to support and guide the new incoming students. With a passion for politics and international Relations, Leo Sena is working in the U.S. Congressional office of the Congressman John K. Delaney, in which he assists the 6th district constituents, helps assigning immigration c€lses, and helps organizing events and projects. First and foremost, Leo Sena comprehends that it is a privilege and honor to serve the students at Montgomery College, and he hopes to serve his fellow students to best of his abilities making this a productive, successful, satisfying, and enjoyable year.

Edelmira Sevilla

My name is Edelmira Sevilla, I am 19 years old and I am from Lima- Peru. This far I am a member of the Bhangra Club, Volunteer Club, and the Fashion Club. the Fashion lnstitute of technology, New York or the Fashion lnstitute of Design become a fashion designer and Fashion merchandizer.

Shani Smith-Augustin

Currently, I am an ACES student in my sophomore year of the Life Science Program here at Montgomery College. I am also an active member of the GT STEP and Future-Link programs. My participation in these programs has helped to develop and understand accountability and responsibility. lt has been a fulfilling and rewarding journey, however, I am prepared to share my growth with all of Germantown MC. It is important that You, the students of this fine institution, elect representatives who are prepared to speak on behalf of the students and protect their interests. Being the financially savvy person that I am, it is my mission to properly manage the financial affairs of our school and be a model student representative. The Student Senate is elected For the Students, By the Students. lf elected as Senator, I am prepared to speak on behalf of the students of MC. ln order for me to help the students of Germantown MC, I will need your vote this coming Tuesday and Wednesday. Join me and together we will have a nicely funded 2017 school year.

Arzo Zamani

Be sure to vote for the people you think will truly represent you and this campus! Your vote and say can make a difference at MC!


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