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The Big Bite: Señor Tequila’s

A new south of the border twist

By Bora Ersoy

You have seen the ads everywhere, on campus, on the local paper, and even on the roads. Ads saying “Now open!” A brand new Mexican restaurant has opened its doors here in Germantown and many people are asking the same important question. Is the restaurant good?

This writer can proudly say “Yes! This is a restaurant you don’t want to miss.”

The restaurant is nicely located 20019 Century Blvd right between the Long Horn and the hotel. When first arriving I imminently noticed the interior of the restaurant was decorated all over in Mexican memorabilia and other historic decorations. Old movie posters, paintings, sports flags, you name it and I’m sure they have it. Even the chairs and tables are painted to give each dining spot some flair. Fancy environments are nice, but the real point of a restaurant is obviously the food, and I can personally say that the food is top notch.


Flavor packed burrito


Sizzling fajita meat combo

Pictured above is one of the restaurant’s popular combo meals. Fajita meat combo with grilled vegetables, beans, and rice served hot and fresh. The food was exceptional, delicious, and big with the high quality grilled veggies being a welcomed surprise. Here in the second picture is one of the restaurants many signature burritos covered in hot sauce served again with rice and beans. This burrito was packed with various meat and spices that at the end had me wanting more. If you are meat lover then this is the meal for you. The restaurant also offers other various Mexican dishes to satisfy any hungry customer’s taste.

If I had to find any flaw with this restaurant it would be two things. One is the price of the meals. You will be spending over fourteen dollars for meals pictured above and that does not include appetizers or special drinks. Fear not as the restaurant does offer special daily deals during special hours. (The fajitas above are cheaper during the lunch special)

Two is the competition. Local residences of this area are familiar with the Rio Grande located in the Washingtonian center and its high reputation. When eating at Senior Tequila’s I couldn’t help but compare the two restaurants and see which is better. If I to make a choice I would pick Rio Grande only because their Fajitas are in larger portions and offer unlimited flour tortillas.

But do not let these flaws scare you off, because for all that was mentioned the pros outweigh the cons. Senior Tequila’s is a wonderful new restaurant that I think will be quite successful in the near future.


  • Very close to MC Germantown campus
  • Beautiful interior
  • Top quality food and service
  • Plenty of food options
  • Not overcrowded


  • Expensive
  • Big portions
  • Competition

For More Information, check out the restaurant’s website:

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