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The Big Bite: Quickfire Japanese Habachi

Taste the sizzle

By Bora Ersoy

Tired of the same old snacks packaged in those old dull plastic bags? Want to try something new and different without hurting your wallet? Then have fun and head out to the Quickfire Hibachi restaurant.

Located in Germantown at 19869 Century Blvd., Quickfire can be reached in less than a mile from our campus. Parking can be a bit of a hassle considering business and local house owners share the only available lot. While the restaurant is not at all flashy, what they lack in pizazz they more than make for in service.

The chefs and cashiers are very friendly and are always on the move. In my many visits at the restaurant, I have never had any issues with the way my food was handled or communication with the staff. But I’m not here to describe customer service; I’m here to describe their great menu.

Delicious is all I can say when observing their menu. Everything from chicken to beef, to even alternative foods like tofu and salmon, are cooked and served right in front of you. Meals are combined with your choice of sides including fried rice, noodles, and even pasta. Portions are a bit large for what you pay. I recommend for those with smaller appetites to order one combo meal and share with a partner. I ordered the beef and shrimp combo with rice and noodles and trust me, as a man who can consume a whole box of pizza, even I found myself struggling a bit when finishing the entire meal.

Pricewise the meals average from $7 to $10 depending on what you order. However, the price is not bad considering how much food you get–compared to other restaurants. All in all, I say give this place a chance if you are looking for something different to eat without burning a hole through your wallet.


  • Very close to MC Germantown campus
  • Hot and delicious food
  • Great amount of food for what you pay


  • Limited parking
  • Can get very busy
  • Large portions
  • Is technically a fast food restaurant

For more details, please see Quickfire’s website:

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