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Countless Resources Available for students at MC

By Thania Requeno

Every semester, Montgomery College-Germantown students are offered numerous opportunities to make the best of their educational journey at MC. Many students are not taking advantage of resources being offered, however.

These opportunities vary from transfer events, job fairs, informational seminars, guest speakers, clubs and organizations, scholarship seminars, leadership workshops, etc. Not to mention all the offices that are available to assist students like the Writing, Reading, and Language center, the Science Learning center and the Math Accounting Physics Engineering Learning center which all offer free tutoring to anyone with a valid student ID.

When students attend such events, they are able to meet others who have the same vision as them. This is called networking.  Meeting other students who share the same passion can open doors to references, and possibly lifelong friendships. Building relationships with professors can also create professional references for students.

Keke Lowe, Career-Transfer Specialist at Montgomery College Germantown, along with facility workers, Student Life, faculty, and counseling, are responsible for turning out events on campus like transfer days and job fairs.

“Students pay fees for services; if you don’t use services that are available, you’re throwing your money away,” says Lowe.

In an interview with the Globe, Lowe said, “Many departments come together and we work as a team to enrich students.”

Job fairs and transfer events offer chances for students to make face-to-face contact with representatives. Lowe recommends recording names and collecting business cards to make the most of these events. Lowe also recommends following up with colleges by emailing and saying ‘hi, I’m sending in my application.’ “These are opportunities that students who do not do anything miss.”

Ejobs is a service available for students who are ready to take the next leap into the field they are running with.  “They [faculty from Ejobs] will negotiate with companies on behalf of students for internships and jobs,” says Lowe.

If students do their research, they can have a striking resume (and transcript) when they leave Montgomery College.

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