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Better Know a Club: Smash Club

Duke it out in this fun video game history lesson.

By Bora Ersoy

The posters are everywhere on the Montgomery College-Germantown campus. “Join the Smash Club,’’ they say with a picture of a videogame character. A passerby walks past and notices the poster. He stands there of about ten seconds turns around and then asks, “What is this Smash Club?”

Located in SA 104, the Smash Club is a club dedicated to the very popular video game series “Super Smash Bros.” Every Thursday, starting at 2pm, fans of the franchise come together to interact with each other, enjoy some games, and hold tournaments. Everyone is welcomed from tournament experienced veterans to casuals who just want to have fun.

“So what is Smash Bros?” The game is a hybrid of casual party game fun mixed with competitive fighting games. The main attraction of the game is the colorful cast of playable characters from the popular Japanese video game company Nintendo. Magical princesses, fire breathing monsters, sci-fi bounty hunters, and even a pet dog clash in colorful arenas to see whom the best fighter is.

If you are looking to have a great time or you just want to experience something new, then let out your inner fighter and settle it in the Smash Club.

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3 Comments on Better Know a Club: Smash Club

  1. What is the club website? I can’t see it.

  2. Hello, I am a member of this club and the fact that it has grown to become a major popular after school activity for students and friends to play in a fun, friendly, cooperative gaming environment makes me feel proud to be part of the club. I would like to mention that we also have a club website (see website details below). I’m am also happy to say that the club is thriving and we have more members joining the club then we expected when I joined. I would like to make a shoutout to the club president and all the clubs core leaders who couldn’t have been able to get us this far if it wasn’t for you and your inspiration and perseverance as well as your good sportsmanship attitudes. Thanks for making Smash club a “smashing success!”

    Website for the club:

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