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Upcoming Germantown Student Senate Elections

By Christian Sorto, candidate for the Student Senate Presidency

The time has come: the Montgomery College Germantown Campus will be having upcoming elections on Wednesday, April 29, and everyone is invited to vote. This year, the elections will be as crucial as ever. They will decide the student officers who will represent the Germantown campus in the highest manner at the Student Senate.

The Student Senate is the student government organization at the Germantown Campus. It represents the entire student body on many levels from organizing events to voicing student concerns to the college administration and state legislation.

Sadly, but not sadly, many of the incumbent officers will be graduating and transferring to four year universities to continue their academic careers. Many positions will be available for passionate, genuine leaders who wish to serve the Montgomery College Germantown community for the upcoming year.

This year, the battle for Presidency will be fierce as it will be between Renaissance Scholar and aspiring Student Ambassador Christian Sorto and Student Senator Farrah Alhashem. Both candidates are extremely qualified and will truly strive to make a difference on the Germantown campus.

The other positions include Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and student senators. If you are interested in more information for these positions, contact the Office of Student Life in the SA building. The elections will be soon and we hope to see you!

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