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Subliminal Thanks

By Bora Ersoy

It’s a cold early morning in the cafeteria, shacking off the cold I find an empty table and have a seat and relax.

“Another active day at the café as usual,” I say as I glance at my surroundings. Students and faculty of all kinds enjoying breakfast and each other’s company, laptops and tablets active with their volumes turned up to the max, the soothing aroma of fresh coffee fills the air. It felt very good to be back.

Enjoying my observations I then turn my attention to the only working public TV in the entire campus. This TV for most of the entire morning played the same cookie cutter junk talk show programs every day. It was an issue that I made aware last semester; however something is dramatically different: the program is a local weather report. Shocked, I then gave the screen my undivided attention. After the weather report the program switched to some news anchors giving insight on local news stories.

“Oh my, something worth watching is on” I thought to myself. “I can’t believe someone took my advice.”

Imminently I glance around the café again and I suddenly notice that other people are also watching the news; some even were having discussions about it. One simple little change has turned the entire environment for the better, now everything looks more like an actual college cafeteria.

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2 Comments on Subliminal Thanks

  1. Just posted this on the MC subreddit. Also another good thing is now they have captions on.

  2. Another good thing is now captions are on too. Just posted the story on the MC subreddit

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