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Subliminal Garbage

By Bora Ersoy

It’s another late morning, the cafeteria is a buzz as usual and once again I’m left sitting quietly at an empty table. No one to talk to and nothing else better to do I decide to give a quick glance at the only flat screen television for public viewing.

What I saw shocked me, a group of women all standing around a man wearing nothing but short shorts with their mouths wide open and eyes bugging out at the man’s physique. “What the” I ask myself as the man on screen shows off his flexible body.

The women then start judging the man and soon everyone on screen start dancing with fancy party lights and dizzying camera angles. Confused and appalled I imminently look around the cafeteria seeing if anyone else is watching this provocative act. Nothing, everyone was preoccupied with other matters. “Nobody is watching I guess.”

Half an hour goes by and this talk show is still going on. I periodically look up to see what other “wacky” segments these women will do next. Now the subject is on the usual “New Hidden Diet” clique we all seen a hundred times.

I look around the café again, and all the fine students are playing games, studying, or just socializing. Everyone is having a great time and all is good in the room. I then look back to my table and ponder to myself “Who is this show for?”

Everyone is either ignoring the screen or doing something more important. Who decided this should be the default programing? Why show middle age women acting like middle school girls when we can show something more productive like the news? Yes the news is depressing and usually biased, but at least it will make the environment seem more adult and maybe pull more viewers.

How about a sports channel? A lot of various types of games take place all throughout the day. Put a good game on and I guarantee there will be more rear ends glued on the seat and heads pointed to the screen. The cafeteria even has a projector with a nice big screen that could play a separate game to gather more people. The café chef and workers would make even more money as viewers will want snacks and drinks to go with their show. This idea writes itself, better programing will equal a better environment.

What if the cafeteria would hold a special movie event where each week a poll can be conducted on which appropriate movie can be presented on the next week? Now students have a say on what they would watch. On the day of the movie the café can have a special movie food option.

Or how about if a student were to purchase a movie ticket than that person can receive a special discount on select foods when presenting the ticket to the café. Maybe some of the clubs can make contributions and present movies that relate to what they do. This sure beats watching lousy daytime cookie cutter talk shows.

If not any of the mentioned ideas are used can we at least have another TV for public viewing? We now have six buildings total, each with multiple lounge areas, and each with multiple TV screens. Why does only one room in the entire campus lets people sit down relax and simply watch?

I’ve been to the Rockville campus and I have seen quite a few TV screens available to watch. Best part was that they were all playing the news instead of unwanted junk. Why can’t this campus do the same? It would leave a great impression on others that our environment is adult and professional.

In the end, all I’m saying is that we as a well-recognized college should be presented in a professional manner that we proudly advertise ourselves. This does not mean just the students, the faculty, or the buildings, but including our entertainment as well.

Better programming will have a positive outcome on students, myself especially. As the time comes to head to class I go over to a trash can and take one last final glance at the TV.

Another talk show has started and this time the hosts are waist deep in celebrity gossip. Shrugging it off I walk away towards the stairwell. I think to myself: “I kind of wish something better was on.”

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1 Comment on Subliminal Garbage

  1. Marcus Rosano // December 10, 2014 at 5:17 am // Reply

    Bora, feel free to talk to administrators on the Germantown Campus about this. Or contact me. The programming on a national network is not a Montgomery College choice, as you know. The television was likely set to a morning news program, GMA/CBS This Morning, etc., and it runs throughout the day on the same channel. Surely, you know that, as well. You have great ideas, try seeing them through.

    Marcus Rosano
    Director of Media and Public Relations
    Montgomery College

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