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First Ever MC-Germantown Fall Fest a Rousing Success

By Nirja Dave

MC Germantown campus was filled with music and laughter as hundreds of students descended upon the quad to enjoy the first ever Fall Fest.

Monday, October 27th was an uncharacteristically warm day, perfect for the carnival themed activities that were planned. From pumpkin pies and popcorn to cotton candy and hamburgers and hot dogs, traditional carnival fare was the standard for the day. There was an inflatable climbing wall, a live DJ, a photo booth, and the famed dunk tank.


Student on Inflatable Climbing Wall

The dunk tank was a rousing success. Students donated money to get a chance to dunk Luis Montes, secretary of the Student Senate. All the money raised from the dunk tank went to the Sock Drive, an annual event that collects tube socks and money for Montgomery County’s Homeless Resource Day.

A professor even donated a large sum of money to allow students a go at the dunk tank. Sheila Amini, president of Smart Sacks and the main person behind the Sock Drive, dunked Montes on her first attempt. Then, she went back and dunked him several times.

Some students said the greatest disappointment of day was that none of the promised professors showed up for the dunk tank. Nevertheless, Montes said he got dunked so many times, he lost count.


Luis Montes, Student Senate Secretary, on dunk tank

A MC Germantown student, who wishes to remain unnamed, said the event was fun but would have been more enjoyable had the music selection been more diverse. The student did not feel like the music included everyone at Fall Fest and that definitely impacted the experience.

Student Senate President, Katie Aranas, thought Fall Fest was successful. She said, “It was probably the biggest event to happen at MC Germantown.”

Amini was similarly enthusiastic, “We should do this more often!”

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