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Student Art League Spreads A Kiss and Hues at Germantown

By Thania Requeno

The Student Art League of MC-Germantown met last Wednesday to collaborate on an art project outside of the classroom. Students and faculty were able to see a chalk spread on the surface of the sidewalk on the pathway to the HT Building.

The Student Art League’s vision is to “bring visibility to art on campus,” says Professor Amanda Miller, who is also the faculty advisor to the Student Art League of MC-Germantown. In this event, “students collaborated on an art project that is also fun.”

They surely turned many heads from students, professors, and faculty with the distinctive and colorful chalk spread.

Nine students participated in the chalk spread. They each selected an art piece, selecting from three choices. They then proceeded to work in groups. The students gridded the printed images and enlarged the grid onto the sidewalk. This allowed the students to “tackle a section at a time,” explained Professor Miller.

The Great Wave by K. Hokusai

The Great Wave by K. Hokusai

Joey Phillips, Daniel Fernandez, and Helen Huang worked on The Great Wave, by Japanese Artist Katsushika Hokusai.

Huang moved from China to the U.S two months ago. The chalk spread was a different experience for Huang. In China “we always worked in a classroom by ourselves; never as a group…outside!” she shared. It was Huang’s first time using chalk as an art tool. She learned to sketch when she was about 4 years old. Huang is taking an Intro to Drawing course on campus along with other fundamentals.

photo 3

Water Lily Pond by C. Monet

“I have a new found respect for artists,” said Logan Des Roche, MC student. Her first Student Art League meeting was the same day as the chalk spread so she dove right into what the S.A.L is about. Des Roche collaborated with Stephanie Utrecht, and Rick Mattero on a version of French artist Claude Monet’s Water Lily Pond.

A version of The Kiss by Roy Lichtenstein, American Pop artist, was also displayed at the chalk spread by Kathryn Evans, president of the S.A.L, Kelvin Wong, and Shatanni Miller.

photo 2

The Kiss by R. Lichtenstein

Evans has future events planned for the S.A.L, such as origami and printmaking. She also has hopes to plan a S.A.L event for Earth Day in the spring.

The Student Art League of MC-Germantown meets every other Tuesday in HS 012 from 3-5pm. S.A.L is an open club, so anyone can join any meeting.

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