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Student Senate Elections Coming in May

Thursday May 1st is an imperative day for MC Germantown students. The Student Senate will be holding elections from 11am to 1pm.

Curtis Warren will be running for secretary. Warren has been attending MC since he was sixteen years old. Now eighteen, he’s attended student clubs such as African United Club, Anime Club, Engineering Club, French Club and Music Club.

His attendance has given him experience in clubs that are organized, unorganized and clubs where there is one other student. If elected, Warren will work with senate members and club leaders to increase club attendance and participation at our campus. This will develop an overall unity in our student body. His main goal as secretary is to “make campus life more fun,” he said. To many, MC Germantown is a place to take tests, study and stress about the future. Warren wants to make it a school at which we are shaping our futures, but can also enjoy being students and forming friendships with our colleagues beyond the classrooms.

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