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Raptor’s love the Green

By: Thania Requeno

Everyone can see the construction going on between the main campus of Germantown and the globe water tower; but does anyone know about the Raptor’s attempt to go green?
Windmills will be in effect to power vending machines in the new building. This is a huge step for Raptor’s to take towards promoting a greener Montgomery College. By using windmills instead of conventional electricity, Raptor’s will be helping the community by avoiding excessive air pollution. This decision is vital because it will open doors for greater, greener changes at our campus. New windmill-powered energy for vending machines proves Montgomery College Germantown has stepped into the greener side!

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GOOD MORNING, I am a child of God and a follower of Jesus Christ. I was married November 2015 to my husband, Akim. We have a son, Caleb, who was born August 2016. I enjoy encouraging others through writing.

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