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French Club Re-established

Another semester at Montgomery College is already halfway through. With midterms this week, the student body needs to remember to take a break! Set your notes, flash cards and textbooks aside and relieve some of your stress. Step out of your world and into the French Club.

The French Club at Montgomery College is back this semester and isn’t your typical ‘French club’.

There is a heavy American accent in the classroom, but the club is rooted in a francophone lifestyle. Some members of the club are eager to practice the little French they know and to experience a culture that is beyond their own world.

The French Club has taken advantage of the Francophonie Cultural Festival 2014 in Washington D.C. this semester. The Festival is taking place all month and into April. To celebrate French-American culture in the nation’s capital, they are hosting film events, literature series, music series, cuisine events and other special series.

On March 10th, the French Club had the opportunity to visit the French Embassy in Georgetown of Washington DC to watch a drama film, Amour. Amour was directed by Michael Haneke. The film won an Oscar in 2013 for Best Foreign Film. With some help from English subtitles, the French Club had the chance to experience why the film took such a high level of honor.

With more studying, homework and exams to come, there will be more field trips for the French Club as well. The Club meets Fridays at 1pm in PK153 and is open to students of Germantown MC. Whether you speak French or not, enjoy the company of the Francophonie family at Germantown MC and experience a culture so outside of our busy, work-driven lives.

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