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Coming out as gay in professional sports, should this matter in the LGBT community?

Jason Collins is enjoying life back in the NBA. Collins is the first openly gay player in American professional sports.

By: Karina Vidal & Thania Requeno

Pro: With more athletes publicly coming out as gay,  more doors open for the LGBT community. Professional athletes as gay break the stereotype of men and athletes. It allows the LGBT community to prove the point that there are some people that are born differently including thosewhose physical features and actions portray those of a heterosexual. Exposure of professional gay athletes defend the fact people should not be judged based on their sexual orientation whether lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender because they do the same thing any other regular person would do. Therefore, athletes who are opening up about their sexual orientation help shed light on members of the LGBT community, especially those who are hiding to open up, speak about and feel free to express who they are instead of hiding in fear of whether they fit societal norms and stereotypes.

Con: Coming out as gay in professional sports should not matter for the LGBT community. If an athlete is gay, that is a choice they made in their life. And it should not matter in their professional athletic life. It doesn’t need to be announced as an event for the media. The straight community does not announce their sexual orientation in professional sports, so why does the LGBT community desire this spotlight?

These athletes are not born gay. There are many factors that can affect why a person makes the decision to be gay; but it is a choice.  In society, you can change your sexual orientation like you can change your occupation. What will happen fifty years from now, when all men are “born” liking men, and women are “born” liking women? The Homo Sapien population will go extinct.

Lets keep it simple Raptors. Its stressful enough deciding majors, jobs, even what to wear in the mornings! We shouldn’t have to add more stress about who is involved with whom. Judging, harassing or exposing the LGBT community is wrong to do regardless. All of us are adults and have free will in this country. We should embrace everyone for who they are and encourage them to continue to accomplish their athletic goals; without announcing their sexual orientation.

Reality: Let The Globe know what you think. Should athletes of the LGBT community make a note of their orientation? Should they keep it quiet? Does anyone care? At least in 2014, this poll will tell.

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