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Sex and The Globe: Are You Ready?

There are four little words both sexes will never want to hear; for men it is “we need to talk.” Every man knows that when their female says that phrase, it’s because it is about to go downhill from there. But for women it’s a little different. Four words that are the worst words women can ever hear come out of the rosy lips of their lover. And it is “I’m not ready yet”.

Those words are the thorns of a rose piercing a woman’s heart. It is understandable that women look for long-term relationships in college whereas men look for short-term romance. It is not wrong if a man says he’s not ready for a long term relationship in college because they know that as of right now they have so much to live up to, see and do. Women on the other hand try to trap the first man that makes our heart skip a beat. That should be a sign that your love at this point is going to kill, at least emotionally. Women give so much of themselves to men that are not ready. Which ultimately leads to heartache when a man tells them that they are not ready yet.

So when are we actually ready for a real relationship? We are all college students aspiring to get a bachelors degree, yet many of us have only gotten as far as an associates. Therefore, why are we looking for a husband in college to have a family with? If we have yet to see all the good the world can offer. Ladies, our feelings are getting in the way of letting us see what we actually want which is the feeling of having someone who we can feel comfortable talking to, bonding, having at our disposal and being sexually active with. We have not even completed a quarter of our lives!

The solution to having all of that without an emotional attachment is a friend with benefits. Karen Bejarano, a Criminal Justice major at Montgomery College, is twenty-three years old and has been married with a child since the age of fifteen. “Being married at a young age was my worst mistake. There are so many things I blinded myself from which has caused me to miss out on my youth years. I didn’t experience my college life because I gave that all up to be a young wife to my husband” said Bejarano. Sometimes we need to remember that we are young, that we must embrace the freedom we have while it lasts. There is no need to chain ourselves to a man. We must enjoy the freedom of traveling with friends, texting whomever, dining out with whomever, going to a club, dancing, staying out late and speaking bluntly about the men we desire.

Now ask yourself, do you want a suffocating relationship or a friend with benefits? Remember you are all still in college and very young. Do not forget, not all roses are the same.

See the film for additional inspiration.

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International Business major in Montgomery College and Hillman Entrepreneurs scholar.

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