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Cultural Olympics Event on Germantown Campus

By Grace Le

Montgomery College is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse in the nation, with students from over 170 countries enrolled. Every year, as a tradition, the Student Senate at the Germantown Campus organizes an international event at the end of the semester to celebrate the diversity of the College. In the spring semester of 2013, the Senate organized an International Night, and many students as well as their families enjoyed the program. About 50 to 60 participants from countries all around the world performed on stage in traditional costume with musical and poetic talents. Globe Hall was filled with more than 300 attendees who came to watch the show.


The Olympics will happen on April 11 in Globe Hall, HT Building.

This year, inspired by the Olympics event that is happening in Sochi, Russia, the Student Senate has chosen the theme for the international event as the Cultural Olympics. The Olympics will happen on April 11 in Globe Hall, HT Building. The format for the event has been changed. The participants will compete in their national team in different event categories. The categories include: Traditional Costume, Traditional Dance, Video Presentation, and Artifact and Food display. The more categories a national team participates in, the more points they will gain and the higher chance they will have of being the champion of the Cultural Olympics. Each category has different criteria for judging, and the judging panel will include three faculty members from Montgomery College.

The Student Senate is currently seeking more participants as well as volunteers to make this event successful. Applications for the Cultural Olympics are available at the Student Life Office or students can check on the purple bulletin board for applications. There are more than 6 national teams on the list. Students can still sign up and compete until March 29.  If you don’t want to perform on stage, there are also available positions in different event’s committee: stage director, music director, marketing staff, program director, sound coordinator…Students can also invite their families to participate in the event. The more, the merrier!

For further information, contact Grace Le, President of the Student Senate at

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