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Globe Fest : Celebrating international Education Week Nov. 13, 2013

On November 13, 2013, the Germantown Campus cafeteria was crowded with people. The occasion was the Montgomery College Globe Fest 2013. The event was a showcase of the cultural and ethnical diversity that Montgomery College has as the tables lined up with artifacts and displays from various parts of the world.


Various projects like the Alternative Gift Market and The Fair Trade Table wherein students and other community members can enjoy and buy some of the international items. Any profit from them is going for a good cause such as a donation for underdeveloped children across the globe. The tables were supporting several countries like India, Tehran, Ethiopia and Madagascar. The community members seemed most enthralled by tasting food from different parts of the world under one roof. It was an opportunity to learn about the global environment inspiring unity and equality. Moreover, by this event, students and staff members came to know each other well as most of them were dressed in their native costumes. Some of the projects included helping people in The Phillipines affected by the typhoon and also helping people to get clean water in rural areas. The Globe Fest was a collaborative event sponsored by the campus Office of the Student Life along with various professors, classes and student clubs like FYE Ambassadors Club and the Iranian Club.


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