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Last week, students from the Macklin Business Institute and the Hillman Entrepreneurs Program at Montgomery College had an opportunity to visit Accenture, a business consulting company. Most of the students were business majors. They were joined by faculty and staff members, and enjoyed visiting the company’s headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.  During the tour, students had the opportunity to directly interact with various company employees.

Starting with a brief introduction and history of the company, students toured the company workspace and technology labs, and had a chance to talk with various people including Mr. Ryan Lasalle, Managing Director of Cyber Security R&D at Accenture. Students seemed to be intrigued by the technology used by Accenture and the personalities of the employees who answered their questions. Questions such as how various disciplines of study like psychology and medicine blend and can be beneficial for any company. More importantly, there was a special time for students to network and connect with peers as well as company employees so that they can make new connections in their careers. Students also learned about the internship program provided by the company as well as the company’s relationship with Montgomery College. Students often hear about companies and their work culture, but rarely see the actual implementations. Victoria Cheng, a fellow Hillman Entrepreneur, said “It was a really amazing experience to see and feel emerging technology in use that blends with Business and Accounting.”

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