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“Just How It Feels”

By Artur Agaronyan

“You wouldn’t believe the colors, that’s a men’s room!” Daniel Venne explained. Venne is an art professor at Montgomery College’s Germantown Campus, and has recently returned from a trip to India. The colors from the trip are “more intense and consistent” than those we’re accustomed to in our normal experiences, Venne said. Venne’s paintings from the trip are on display at Globe Hall from August 11th to October 24th.

“Spectacular job. Sophisticated, especially the color combinations” said David Carter, co-chair of the Germantown Campus art department. Venne’s words continue with consistency and passion to the circle of students and faculty, talking about his works but avoiding explanations. “Each person forms their own interpretation of the work, and I avoid explaining mine.” he said. Doing so would be like viewing a work backwards, he explained. India isn’t the last time Venne will take a trip for inspiration, and it isn’t the first, he said. Being committed to the work is “difficult”, but the “consistency is the benefit, especially for this set of works”, he said.

Students were also intrigued, but in a different manner and from a unique open perspective. “Kind of interesting”, said Layla Mowlana, a student. Another student, Naomi Chung, said “I like the contrast and reversal [of Sathi]. I like the layers of space changes.” Venne is already starting work on his next project, but is undecided on it’s specifics.

“Each person forms their own interpretation of the work, and I avoid explaining mine.”

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