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Student Portrait: Lovette Unique Thompson-Taylor

By: Lovette Unique Thompson-TaylorlovettePIC


My name is Lovette Unique Thompson-Taylor. I’m from Montgomery county, Maryland; I’m 21 years of age as of August 29th yes just like the KING OF POP MJ. Recently, I just aged out of the Montgomery County Child welfare system. I was in and out of care since 1994 2 going on 3 years of age. I recently just quit my job at famous pawnbrokers to accept a live in nanny job I recently had to quit that because the parents had communication problems and I believe the ex wife was starting to feel personal about the situation. My mental health & physical health was effected by both. So, currently I am homeless living out of a storage to complete my daily living. I just recently found out I received my GED and 3 different scholarships to go to college. I’m in youth group on Wednesdays at Montgomery college in Rockville called future link to help with career decisions, mentors, education, and just a program for young adults to discuss whatever comes to mind. I just set myself up in a drug treatment outpatient program to find others to cope without smoking weed to go to sleep or to control my anger. I have a therapist and were working on ways to work on my insomnia for me to go to sleep without it involving depression or self medicating. I started suffering from insomnia when I met my daughters father he was 22 to my 15( my choice). I ended up losing my daughter to the state with the supposed best open adoption agreement and I haven’t been able to sleep since then without any prescribed sleep aid or marijuana or a shot of liquor . My daughters born name is Victoria Rose-Unique Bayer she is the light of my soul she inspired me to change my life and want to show her no matter what you can always get back up no matter what. I’m currently fighting this stomach disease since 2012 Feburary mild gastritis I don’t claim it in Jesus name; now I have h-pylori the doctors cant not figure out what’s wrong with all test coming out negative blood, urine, mri’s, and now I go in for a CT scan of my Brain next Tuesday. I never felt joy or happiness till I had my daughter that’s when I knew what true love felt like. 2 days we were in the hospital together 4.5 years later I feel this joy in my soul that I never felt and I want to keep it. I don’t want you or your team to feel sorry for me I just want someone to give me a fair fighting chance to still strive to my success and future I want to retire in my 40’s to prepare for grandkids. I’m a hard worker, insightful, articulate, creative, witty, spiritually in tone with God & Mother nature. I’ve never felt so alive in my life no matter what’s going on. I have a lot of blessings at my feet just not a stable support system besides relationships I built thru the system. stable place to live to take care of my health. I would tell you my life story but I’m preparing to start writing a book to inspire people no matter what your income, country, race, age, status whatever have you that you are never better then trials and tribulations; Were all human we make mistakes. Spoke with a company just trying to get back on my feet is all. i love to dance, write, read, do IT work software, cook, do hair, design clothes, homes, and make sure these kids get the proper attention they need because a lot of elders are asking what happened to our children media, society, US govt, and know one taking a step back saying what part did I play in my child or this child’s life. I also used to sing but once I started drinking, smoking, screaming, cussing, and crying I don’t know what happened sound like a scare crow. I didn’t drop out of high school because it was hard. I dropped out because I already knew what I wanted to be, where I wanted to study, but I never had the proper encouragement love and support. I believe I’m actually happy now because I was done trying to please everyone God made me and I know the good and bad I’ve done and I know the truths of this world we live in. He can judge me and tell me if I go to heaven or hell not man.

“The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear ; the lord is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid” 27:1 psalms

2013 is the glow and light I have that I don’t want to lose.

I’m high & drunk of life the world is my playground and I’m play til my dying day.

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1 Comment on Student Portrait: Lovette Unique Thompson-Taylor

  1. I have two wonderful promisinq jobs & other Excellent ones cominq at me. Deciding on attending Madaleia College , Keiser University, Colorado Tech Institute( For my BA in Business, and Goinq Back to MC Rockville for My AA in theatre/performinq arts and or transfer to MICA & hopefully do there pre-college study in tuscany for 2014 fall semester. Looking for housing this week have a few options.
    ” know I’m ntt ashamed! I own my life because its mine; I know where I’m going bc sky is not the limit there’s a whole Galaxy to explore till heaven opens its doors”

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