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Study Abroad with Scholarships from the College

See the world for a fraction of the cost! Montgomery College (MC) is offering partial scholarships ranging from $500-$1500 to qualified students for their long and short-term study abroad programs.
The International Education Program (IEP) at MC, which is developed and staffed by faculty, has made it their mission to help students glean a greater understanding and appreciation of other cultures. Since the early 1990s, the IEP has been sending students abroad to various countries from England and France to Cambodia and Senegal. MC offers students access to many cities and colleges across the world with its short-term and long-term study abroad programs. MC’s long term study abroad programs are offered in partnership with the College Consortium for International Study, a group which consists of 130 member colleges. MC also provides two-week-long short-term study/travel tours that will be going to Cuba this year.
To apply for the scholarship:
1.    Complete application form
2.    Submit unofficial transcript
3.    Write a 500-800 word statement explaining where you desire to study abroad, how the study abroad experience will complement your program of study and it’s future, and why you should be selected for a scholarship
4.    Submit a letter of reference from a MC faculty member or administrator in a sealed envelope

To qualify for the scholarship, all students must:
•    Have a 2.5 GPA and be in good standing.
•    Have successfully completed a minimum of 12 MC credits by the beginning of the study abroad program.
•    Be able to demonstrate the maturity and flexibility necessary to meet cultural and academic challenges abroad.
•    Have graduated from high school within the last 10 years (exceptions may be granted on an individual basis).
•    Contact and hold a conference with study abroad coordinator, Professor Malveaux (, prior to submitting an application to be considered for a scholarship.

For long-term study abroad, students must also:
•    Be able to study abroad full time.
•    Fill out an “Application for Study Abroad” with foreign institution name and courses selected, which must be presented to and approved by the coordinator, Professor Malveaux (, prior to applying for this scholarship. “Application of Study Abroad” forms can be found on .

For short-term study abroad to Cuba, students must also:
•    Be able to fully participate in academic activities and complete a project by the end of the short-term study abroad program.
•    Have necessary health conditions to actively participate in the short-term Cuba program.

For more information, contact Professor Malveaux at or visit .

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