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MC Green Team Efficiency Contest: Help the College and Win $2,500

Passionate about sustainability? Students, staff, faculty and administrators are invited to submit proposals of methods with which the College can reduce its energy and resource use and document the savings. The top five proposals will be selected by a panel of experts and awarded $200. They will be then further developed during the Spring Semester with help from college personnel. The winner will be awarded $2,500. Second place will receive $1,000 and third place, $500.
The proposals must be under two pages long and contain the following information:
1.    The submitter’s name, position (student, faculty, staff or administrator), telephone number and email address. A brief description of the proposal must be included.
2.    The impact (positive and negative) on College personnel, students and/or resources from the plan’s implementation and future maintenance.
3.    A description of a method with which to document the savings generated and an estimate of cost savings over a specific time frame.
4.    The feasibility of implementing and maintaining the proposal at the College, including a projected timeframe for implementation.
5.    The environmental benefits of the proposal.

Proposals must be submitted to by December 1, 2013, to be eligible.
For more information, visit .

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