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Congratulations to New Student Senate Members

Congratulations to the new senate members who will represent our campus this coming fall. They are:

President: Grace Le
Vice-President Marcus Elujoba
Treasurer: Charles Elujoba
Secretary: Ryan Felix

The President, Grace was the vice president of the Senate before becoming the president. Her Vietnamese name is My Duyen Le. She is an chemical engineer student at Germantown Campus, and she chose engineer because it is a challenging major, and she likes challenges. She is also currently part of the Hillman Entreupreneur Scholarship program, and will transfer to UMCP. She established the engineering club at Germantown Campus and built a smokeless stove model and a haunted house on halloween. For 2012-2013 academic year, she was an Student Ambassador. Her favorite quote is “Keep Moving Forward,” from The Robinsons cartoon because it describes her determined personality.

The Vice President is Marcus Elujoba. Marcus was one the Senator of the Student Senate last year, he was the MC for the international night, and he is a very social person.

The Treasurer is Charles Elujoba Olakunle. Charles has one brother and one sister who are older than him. He went to school at Clopper Mill Elementary school in Germantown Maryland, then returned to attend high school in Nigeria, Africa, at a school called Doregos Private Academy. He returned to the United States to attend college and presently studies here in Montgomery College. He is a business major. He choose business because he has been skilled to attract consumers and to make products known. He is planning on doing estate management. He is 6 feet 3 inches in height and his favorite sport is basketball because his height gives him an advantage over others.

The Secretary is Ryan Felix. He is a member of engineering club, and he is the Vice President of the Physics club at Germantown Campus, he was one of the Senator of the Student Senate last year. He is also a chemical engineer student, and part of the Hillman Entrepreneur program, HHMI Scholars program, and STEM Scholars program. He has been involved in many volunteer projects; was one of the student that went to Alabama for the Habitat Humanity. He is a very helpful and friendly person.

If you see any of our new Senate leaders in Student Life, in your classes, or anywhere around campus do not forget to congratulate them for their leadership for our campus.

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