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Annual Awards Convocation Honors Germantown Students

On May 3, 2013, MC-Germantown held its Annual Honors Awards Convocation to honor students selected for the campus’ Presidential Scholar Award, Leadership Ascent awards, and various academic awards. Students were also inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor society.

Specific awards recognized Academic Achievement, Honors Scholars, Outstanding Honor Students, Outstanding Renaissance Scholars, Paul Peck Internship, and Excellent students in different study areas. A common theme in all of these awards was the important role awardees played in supporting their fellow students and their commitment to making a difference in their communities and the world.

Below are just a few of the comments made at the ceremony:

Larry E. Naake, former CEO of the National Association of Counties (and husband of Acting Dean of Humanities at MC – Germantown, Dr. Joan Naake) awarded William Federman with the National Association of Counties Award, noting high academic success, multiple awards for his scholarship and academics, working multiple jobs, and his “passion to make a difference” and his commitment to “social responsibility to write about and advocate for causes he cares about.”

Dr. Tami Isaacs presented the “CRC Excellence in Freshman Chemistry Award”  to Dimitri Tselenchuk for top grades, coming to MC speaking English as a second language and “most importantly, going out of his way to work with other students.”

Jennifer Caparella, Associate Professor of Biology, presented the Excellence in Biology Award to Katharine Wheaton who exhibited a “desire to help others” and to be a “role model for women returning to school.” Caparella also recognized Steve Nzele, who is known for his “laughter and his smiles” and for “making others feel at ease and comfortable, in addition to a 4.0 GPA” with this award.

Finally, Stephen Wheatley, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, presented the Mathematics Achievement Award  to Meghan Hughes, who not only has completed all upper level math courses at MC but is also a fixture in the Math Center, where “her enthusiasm helps students get through their math courses.”  Interestingly, she wants to teach college math!

The list goes on and on (see full list below).

Need to identify speaker and awardeeThe awards recognize some deserving Germantown students; but of course many more students could be recognized, not only for academic success but for their leadership in clubs and other activities on campus. Left out are those who showed excellent leadership and even those students who are not doing so well academically but have made a difference as well as students who have spent countless hours working on campus for different departments or who have shown excellent work ethic and responsibility. The Globe sends a big shout out to all students who have made a difference in their own lives, the lives of fellow students, and the community.

Congratulations to all awardees:

Presidential Scholar AwardMichael Ladas

National Association of Counties Award –William Federman

Honors Scholarship Recognition–Brenda Medrano, Michael Ladas, Rola Haddad, Adantchede Hounzangli, Harima Mian, Hibst Nitkin

Honors Scholars Award–Arianny Arias Viloria,  Gerald Axtell,  Rebecca Barker, Megan Dillon,  Lisa Latour,  Sabrina Lee, Ahmed Nasri, Marianna Peplinski, Deborah Stevenson, Michael Szachnitowski

Outstanding Honors Student Award–Iman Dasti

Outstanding Renaissance Scholars Award–William Federman,  Melissa Williamson

Renaissance Scholars Appalachia Travel Award–Lisa Latour

Paul Peck Humanities Internship Awards–Rebecca Barker, Mehreen Khan, Iman Dasti, Evelyn Luther, Claire Hanaee

Outstanding Student in Anthropology–Rola Haddad

Edward T. Butler Award for Excellence in the Natural Sciences–Michael Ladas

CRC Excellence in Freshman Chemistry Award–Dimitri Tselenchuk
Excellence in Organic Chemistry Award–Trinh Nguyen, Megan Fredericks

Mathematics Achievement Award–Meghan Hughes

Excellence in Biology Award–Steve Nzele, Katharine Wheaton

Biotechnology Achievement Award–Rana Abbouchi, Masika Hinds

Excellence in Accounting Award–Nicholas A. Rossi, Derwin Corria, Grayson Zhang, Justin Sawyer

Excellence in Business Administration–Jalen Stewart, Sarah Cooney

Excellence in Management–Sarah Cooney, Lim Gabba, Jamilyah Jean-Philippe

Excellence in Literature Award— Hannah Maka, Heeba Malik

Women in Literature 2013 Award.–Evelyn Luther

Dr. Diane Daniel Psychology Award–Elizabeth A. Tiren

Outstanding Education Student Award–Rebecca Riordan

Excellence in Education Studies–Paige Gehrke

Academic Excellence in the Visual Arts–Sherrie Biernacki

Promising Talent in the Studio Arts–Krystel Carongoy

Leadership Ascent Award–Kevin Espinoza, Arnette Figueroa, Ornella Gomez, Leslie Hounga, Grace Le, Stephanie Nkarchou, Trina Ramsingh

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