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It’s Playoff Time for the Germantown Raptors!

By: Brady Patton

The Raptor's Baseball Team, Spring 2013

The Raptor’s Baseball Team, Spring 2013

The Montgomery College baseball team ended with a  32-15 record this season, ranking them 6th in the  National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA).  Next up? The team is getting ready to play in the district D, region 20 championship May 10-12 against CCCAC South. We wish them a rowsing victory!

Sophomore Pitcher Jake Taylor leads the  NJCAA in wins with 8 and home-runs with 12, he is second in Runs Batted In (RBI’s) with 55 and third in hits with 60.

 Although the team has been riddled with injuries this season, it’s amazing that they did as well as they did. Currently, 6 people on the team are injured, and that is hindering their game. MC student Josh Brunvoll used to be on the team but is saving a year of eligibility on what he thought the team needs to improve. He explained, “They need to get healthy.” The good news is that the team has 10 days to get healthier before play-offs roll around.

Colin Cox tags one  on 4/23/13 vs. Hagerstown Community College

Colin Cox tags one on 4/23/13 vs. Hagerstown Community College

Sophomore Colin Cox, who plays infield, has more advice for how the team can improve.  “I think we need to start hitting the ball more and getting runners on base,” he said. Colin Cox also beleives that the team needs to advance base runners by bunting when they get on players on base.

That may seem fundamental, but when you have as many injuries as the Raptors do, it becomes a problem. Colin Cox also said that they have been committing too many errors and that the Raptors “need to improve our defense” before they have to face tougher opponents. With the team’s success in past years and the time they have to get healthy, the players are optimistic about this year’s playoffs. The team has finished in the top 25 in NJCAA for over 10 years, and they have won their district 4 of the last 5 years.

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