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RE:cycle. RE:think. RE:volution!

Under the feet of millions, a globe spins at about 900 miles per hour without anyone feeling a thing. It rotates and leans without anyone tipping over. Its atmosphere changes, its polar caps melt a little, and way out into the distance, its night time sky loses one more star. The world changes constantly, and so does this paper. However, unlike the changes to the world, the changes made to the Globe Newspaper are immediately notable.

Hard word, dedication, and passion drive the staff members of this publication to act on their innovative ideas. New writing styles, management structures, layout ideas, and publication processes have been implemented to bring members of Montgomery College Germantown Campus (MCGC) the news they deserve. The idea of a paper “for the students, by the students” remains strong in the minds of the staff as they use their own experiences, education, and empathy to write the stories readers want to read.

Starting as a small paper publication, the Globe expanded over the years into what it is today–an online publication moving its way forward in the news world. From the last paper issue published in Spring 2011 to the first PDF issue in Fall 2011 all the way to now, with the first official online issue published, many readers witnessed the total transformation that took place in the past two years.

Here at the Globe, staff members understand the way the world operates. They believe in revolutionizing the way people think about the news. A news organization should be controlled by the audience, not the other way around. Too busy to read the paper? The new online format allows students to access every article anytime, anywhere. Too tired to read? Watch some of the many videos provided. Have a specific topic of interest? Our diverse editorial and reporting staff are on the lookout for great stories–and your feedback.

Crucial to understanding the audience better, discussion between the paper and readers is imperative. Staff members have worked hard on creating different opportunities for readers to contact, connect, and correct the Globe. A Facebook page, Twitter page, and a Letter to the Editor section have been added to connect the people to the paper. So take back your student paper! Let’s RE:cycle knowledge. Let’s RE:think media. Let’s start a RE:volution!

Thanks for reading,

Mercedes Hill

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We are the student newspaper for Montgomery College, Germantown Campus.

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