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MC Germantown Celebrates Cultural Diversity

By: Wisal Mahgoub

Heritage can be defined in many different ways. Several students were asked their opinions on the meaning of heritage. We discovered that a person’s culture and background greatly influence their own personal meaning of heritage, here at Montgomery College Germantown: A Diverse Campus.

Montgomery college has been celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month. Carlos Rubbles, a student at MC Germantown shares both Mexican and Peruvian backgrounds, through he was born here in Maryland. When asked his opinion on heritage, he described it as ‘Your entire background, where you ancestors came from, and what you are now representing.”

Another student defined heritage as “Where you’re from, and how you are raised”.

Here on the Germantown campus, we have students from many different ethnic backgrounds, so we are a diverse campus. When we asked Anshula Rani if she thinks that MC Germantown offers a good variety of culturally diverse clubs and events, she says “I would love to see some cooking classes that specialize in Indian cuisine. Biryani is my favorite Bangladeshi dish; everyone should know how to make it!”

Iman Zare has both Iranian as well as English backgrounds. When asked if she ever felt like a minority here at MC Germantown she replied “Absolutely not, there are so many students here with all kinds of backgrounds from all over the world. I fit right in”

Another MC student of Hispanic background, told us about his experience transferring from a primarily white college to MC Germantown. It was a relief for him to finally see some Hispanic faces, he is happy to be attending such a culturally diverse college.

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