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Bands With A Bang: Your One Stop Shop for Great Music

By: Chris Gaspar

Band: The New Escape

Rocks Like: Linkin Park, Mac Miller, I See Stars


This issue, we’re focusing on the local band, The New Escape, formerly known as FreQontrol. Blending hard rock with some hip-hop flavor, these guys are definitely a breath of fresh air in the music scene. Taking a page from fellow rockers Linkin Park, they combine various aspects of what seems like two completely different genres of music–meshing them together in a way that fans of rock and hip-hop will both enjoy. They’ve recently released their debut EP under their new name called “Aftermath” and is packed with six different songs that continually show how creative and innovative they are with their sound. I highly recommend their single “Down to Rage” which provides a quick and satisfying taste of their music and writing style, as well as the high quality in which their tracks are recorded by their very own drummer, Imad El-Amine. If you want a band that truly innovates rock music, by all means, check these guys out on their Facebook page or YouTube. You’ll be glad you did.

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