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8 Crazy Cool Ice-Breakers to Use In the Classroom

by: Chris Gaspar

For a lot of freshman here at Montgomery College, the idea of having class with total strangers is terrifying. Meeting new people can be nerve-wrecking and may not be everyone’s speciality. Here to help you out is a compiled list of some eight great ice breakers that open up the channel for conversation–and may even make you a friend.

1. “Hey bro, care for an Icebreaker?” This funny “Icebreaker” will certainly rouse a chuckle out of just about anyone! Just make sure you have some Icebreaker mints on hand. Cleaver, no?

2. “How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice!” As cliche as it may be, this age old Icebreaker never ceases to ease the situation and open up the conversation.

3. “So, how about them Redskins?” Okay, this one could go either way depending on the person, but love em’ or hate em’ if the other person like football, this will definitely initiate a conversation and help break down that initial social barrier.

4. “What do you call a fake noodle? An impost!” So we’re back to the silly puns, but don’t doubt their power! A stupid joke can make the other person feel more comfortable around you.

5. “What kind of music are you into?” I have yet to meet a person that this doesn’t work on. Everyone listens to music and has their own preferences, and those preferences just may be yours as well.

6. “I really like you (insert item here).” This is a bit more open ended, but you can never go wrong with a compliment! We put a lot of effort into our appearances, so it’s nice to have someone recognize it!

7. “Gosh, the Goldenrod Building is just too far!” Chance are you’ll find a person on campus that hates the walk to Goldenrod just as much as you.

8. “Have you read that article in the paper on ice breakers?” It may be poking fun at us here at the paper, but it certainly will generate a conversation for those who took a gander at the article! And even if they haven’t, you can always tell them some of the silly ice breakers we provided and see where the conversation leads!

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